Christelle Biiga is a Transformational Coach, energy healer, intuitive reader and manifestation expert that works with individuals around the world. She shows people how to run their business and life in alignment with who they truly are and what they really want. 

Christelle takes people to a journey back within to reconnect with the truest version of themselves, find the power to break free all limits and programming, and create the life they want and ultimately deserve.

client love

Writing a really heartfelt review of a great coach and soul. Christelle helped me look at a common situation these days with new eyes and asked me very specific questions that I didn’t know the answer to during the call. Why are you afraid to step into your power? Well damn! Why am I? Her openness to work with energy and converse about it fluidly is refreshing! She is straight forward but always has your highest intention set for you. My situation is wonderful really. It's just I was getting overwhelmed with the “I should be” doing this or that because that’s what society says I should be doing. That’s not my path and I’m continuing to follow my intuition is my way to my life, my FUTURE. Thank you Christelle =)
Andria Ryder
Professional Wellness & Lifestyle Consultant

Christelle is also an Expert Speaker that has been invited in several women leadership and entrepreneurs groups. She is one of the speakers at The Wealthy Network in Las Vegas on January 25th, 2021.  

Christelle is originally from Cameroon, which explains her beautiful french accent.

She is a formal TV and Radio host, Webcast Host, Expert Speaker, certified Energy Healer, Intuitive Reader, Transformational Coach. She lives in Los Angeles California.


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