Chances are, you have all these great ideas and simply want to know which one to implement.
Chances are, you want things to be perfect and end up not getting much done.
Chances are you have been searching for SOMETHING different, but you aren't 100% sure what that looks like.
Chances are you are using all the strategies and tools in the book, but you aren't really getting the results you want.
Chances are you want more in life and better results in your business, but don't know how to create that for yourself.
But What if...
What if... getting what you want was actually easier than you think.
What can have it all simply by Being who you are.
What never have to chase the life you want.
What can always know what to do and be supported.
What if...this is the missing piece of the puzzle to more fulfillment, more ease, more abundance, more support, and more happiness.
This 4-week program is a total transformation specifically designed to get you aligned with what you really want in life and in business, so you can create the lifestyle of your dreams.
Become the truest version of yourself
live in absolute alignment

I believe that "Impossible" is not a word. I believe you should have it all... Regardless of what "all" means to you. The power to get the results and create the life that you want lies within you. Absolute Alignment will help you remember how powerful you have always been...

What does it look like to live in

Absolute Alignment

Create the lifestyle you have always desired
Find the confidence, clarity and power to become the truest version of yourself.
Step into a new realm of possibilities and make your desires a reality
Get better results by only doing what is in alignment with who you truly are
Experience a life that is easy, fun and enjoyable
No more feeling like you are striving but never arriving
No more burnout and frustration
Witness magic, harmony and ease happen in your life
Absolute Alignment will show you the real path that leads to magical results
What are you getting
  • 4 week transformation program to unlock your inner power and let go of any limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • Weekly group coaching sessions to give you clarity on your next step and build your confidence so that you can get out of your own way

  • Exclusive members only Facebook group where you can ask questions and find support 24/7

  • [BONUS] Unlimited Voxer access to me during the program

Total Value over $3,000

client love

Writing a really heartfelt review of a great coach and soul. Christelle helped me look at a common situation these days with new eyes and asked me very specific questions that I didn’t know the answer to during the call. Why are you afraid to step into your power? Well damn! Why am I? Her openness to work with energy and converse about it fluidly is refreshing! She is straight forward but always has your highest intention set for you. My situation is wonderful really. It's just I was getting overwhelmed with the “I should be” doing this or that because that’s what society says I should be doing. That’s not my path and I’m continuing to follow my intuition is my way to my life, my FUTURE. Thank you Christelle =)
Andria Ryder
Professional Wellness & Lifestyle Consultant